Do More with You Dogs Trick Dog Titles

Get in on the hottest new titles for your dog!
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Afternoon
November 19-21, 2021
Witnessing for Trick Dog Titles! $10 Fee

Have your dogs “roll out the red carpet” by showcasing their tricks. These are the hottest new titles for your dog! Witnesses are available for DMWYD Trick Dog titles Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert Trick Dog titles [Titles are recognized by AKC and CKC]

Disabled/senior dogs and Service dogs are encouraged to participate. We can work with you to establish alternate criteria for your disabled, senior, or service dog.

Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon of the Coyote Classic
For more information, please contact: Suzanne Browne,

To see tricks and download applications, see:
Novice trick dog application: NTDapp.pdf (
Intermediate/Advanced/Expert trick dog application: ITDapp.pdf (

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