The Tucson Kennel Club and Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club welcome spectators to the Coyote Classic Dog Shows. While you’re here, we’d like you to enjoy the event – and understanding a little bit before you go may help. Hopefully the following FAQ will answer your questions, but if it doesn’t, please feel free to email

Q. How do I get to the show?
A. Directions are provided here.

Q. Where do I park? Is parking free?
A. Day of show parking is free and there will be signs and staff to help you find those areas. General guidelines – don’t park in front of an RV. Exhibitors pay to park on the grounds and they need to be able to move out of their slot when they are done for the weekend or in case of emergency. Entrances to the building are loading areas and are not parking zones.

Q. Do you charge admission?
A. Spectator admission is free.

Q. Are there places to eat at the dog shows?
A. There are food vendors on the ground providing everything from coffee and donuts through lunch and dessert.

Q. Should I bring my dog?
A. Only dogs eligible to be shown are allowed on the show grounds. Yours would probably be happier at home and then you’ll be free to focus on meeting new dogs, maybe seeing breeds you’ve never seen before, and figuring out if dog showing or obedience is something you might like to try with your dog. You can always visit our vendors to find a nice treat to take home for your dog.

Q. I want to enter my dog in the show; can I do that at the show?
A. Dog shows must be entered at least two and a half weeks before the event. It is a very strict deadline published in the premium list for the event. For more information on how to get started in dog showing see the AKC link on how to get started with dog showing: (

Q. I want to see my favorite breed in the ring. How will I know where and when to find them?
A. Each breed, if some are entered, will be shown every day, Friday through Monday. To find out in advance when they are showing and in which ring they are showing, download and print the judging program. It should be available on line at least a week before the show. Or, when you get to the show, visit the catalog or superintendent’s table to get a judging program. The judging program tells you what time and ring each breed is in and also shows you, by ring, what breeds are on when and how many dogs there are in each breed.

Q. Is there a way to get more detailed information about the dogs in the ring?
A. There is a single catalog that covers all the days of the event. It includes information on every dog – their name, parentage, owners and owner’s address – broken down by group, breed, class, then dog. This will let you know exactly what is going on in the ring and provide you a reference for contacting owners/breeders for more information. Catalogs may be purchased at a table just to the left of the entrance in Old Pueblo Hall.

Q. What are the dogs being judged on and what are all the different classes?
A. The AKC has a Beginner’s Guide to Dog Shows and a Beginner’s Guide to Companion Events which are good starting points for understanding what you’re seeing in the ring. Still confused? Feel free to ask club members at the show.

Q. What criteria is my favorite breed being judged on?
A. Each breed is judged on how well it conforms to the breed standard. For information on any breed’s standard, visit the AKC web site and look up your breed. In addition to the breed standard, you’ll find links to each breeds’ parent club which are good places to look for breeder and rescue information.

Q. I’d like to learn more about dog showing or obedience. Are there local resources to help?
A. If you have a dog and are interested in getting started showing your dog in conformation or obedience, both the Tucson Kennel Club and Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club’s can be good sources of information. Please visit their web sites or go to a meeting to see what they have to offer.

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